Nazis with a small “n”

25 Mar

It is hard to believe the depths of cruelty that people will descend to. Read these unbelievable comments (collected by Ali Abunimah) that these Israeli Jews write freely on Facebook, suggesting murder, and torture of three Palestinians for the “crime” of sitting in a tent in the West Bank.

Calling them fascists might have meant something 70 years ago, but doesn’t have the sting today. Nazis is more like it, but with a small “n” since these muscle bound bullies don’t hate Jews (except leftist Jews and self-hating Jews and any Jews who believe that goyim have human rights).

I remember several decades ago the great Israeli activist Israel Shahak talking about something similar, men sitting around at a barbecue in Jerusalem(?) just after a bombing had ripped off the limbs of several Palestinian mayors and offering meat to passers-by claiming it came from the limbs of the mayors.

The loathsome hypocrisy of Obama standing at Yad Vashem and lecturing the world about “racism” while totally ignoring pervasive, disgusting racism in broad sectors of Israel society (especially youth) is…beyond the beyond.

That real anti-Semitism is raising its head in Hungary will obviously mean nothing to these knuckle draggers. It would only be a reason to whine that “the whole world is against us” and commit some new crime.


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