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My Comment on Today’s NYT Debate on Saudi Arabia

22 Aug

August 8. Five people wrote short columns about Saudi Arabia today for the New York Times. The only one really worth reading is by Ali Al-Ahmed. I made this comment below:

One should mention the Saudi monarchy’s extreme belief in its own divine righteousness and its intense hatred for the Shi’a (Iran, Lebanon) and other Sunni (Muslim Brotherhood) who don’t grovel before Saudi leadership. This has brought them to a de facto alliance with the apartheid regime in Israel and that also endears them to the U.S. one percent government.

It’s hard to think of a more backward repressive country on earth with such global reach. A good way to send them a message would be to join the petition campaign demanding the end to the U.S.-Saudi $60 billion arms deal. Why arm the implacable enemies of democracy and religious tolerance?
– Stanley Heller

Of course, the Israel lobby begs to differ. One of the New York Times debaters is Michael Makovsky, the chief executive of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). He writes, “Its recent vocal and generous financial support for the military takeover in Egypt has been very valuable, while a confused United States has sought to keep the fundamentally anti-Western, anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood either in power or part of the power structure.”

Israel Hearts Saudi Arabia (It’s Anti-Semitism Be Damned)