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Unhappy Letter to Glen Greenwald

23 May

(Greenwald is generally terrific, especially on civil liberties, but I think his knowledge of Zionist history is deficient. I wrote him this letter on May 22.)

I’m very disappointed with your piece “Al Jazeera deletes its own controversial Op-Ed, then refuses to comment”. I, of course, agree with your criticism of al Jazeera’s pulling the article without explanation, but why do you imply you find Massad’s article “repellent” and why do you tie it to junk like the dissertation of Mahmoud Abbas who claimed that only one million Jews were killed by the Nazis during the war?

You link to what you say is “very aggressive and forceful criticisms of his (Massad’s) arguments” by a blog called “The Camel’s Nose”. The article there says

“the Zionists who worked with the Nazi regime were only a small subset of the diverse global Zionist movement.”
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