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The “Noxious” Moderate Alternative

9 May

The noxious Thomas Friedman praised Obama as the most pro-Israel president ever in the New York Times on 3/7.  He supported Obama’s supposed moderate line (giving “sanctions” time to work on Iran before blowing it to kingdom come).

I confess to my shame that I once took that position.  It was 1991 and the US was preparing to make war on Iraq for what it did to Kuwait .  I took the positions that as an alternative to war we should allow (some) sanctions  to continue.  Of course, what Bush the First had in mind was quite different: horrendous sanctions to weaken Iraq and then war and then more sanctions.  The sanctions continued till 2003 killing a million plus people.

Now we have the George W. Bush-Obama sanctions under even less justification  (Saddam, after all, had invaded Kuwait .  Iran is an “existential threat” to Israel only in the demented brains of Judeo-Fascists and their enablers)  They are not biting as hard yet.  One could argue that they’ve already killed Iranians (lack of spare parts for planes have most likely contributed to Iran ‘s woeful air safety record), but certainly not anything on the scale of genocided Iraq .  Not yet anyway.


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