Zionists Lay an Egg with Barghouti Protest

8 Feb

It looks like a big win for the good guys.  Efforts by the Dershowitz and the NYC politicians to ban discussion at Brooklyn College not only failed, but turned the moderates and even some conservatives against them and gave wide publicity not only to the event, but to BDS itself.  The faculty union at CUNY denounced the attack.  The New York Times used part of an editorial against it and even Mayor Bloomberg who said he’s “violently” against BDS spoke against cancelling the Barghouti/Butler event.

So the Anti-Defamation League  (or more properly the League to Defame Justice) spent many thousands of dollars to publish a near full page ad in the New York Times signed by Abe Foxman, its National Director.  It’s here:  http://archive.adl.org/nytimes_ads/NYT-Ad-BrooklynCollege-2-8-13.pdf

To save your mouse the effort of a wasteful click I’ll distill his main arguments.   He says boycotts of Israel are “in our mind hateful on their own”.  Really?  What about BDS against apartheid South Africa?  Was that illegitimate? What about the Jewish-led boycotts of the anti-Semitic Russian Czar,  Henry Ford, and Adolph Hitler?  Were they hate actions?

He goes on.  BDS demands support for the “right of return” of refugees and this means “they are advocating something even more hateful, the destruction of the Jewish state through demography.”  Now “demography” means the study of human populations.  He’s literally saying that Arabs will pour over books on the ethnic groups living between the Jordan and the Mediterranean and Israel will fall apart.    We guess he actually means that if the refugees and descendants leave their wretched camps and return to their homeland, Israeli Jews would be outnumbered.  This would make discriminating against them harder to justify so advocating it is “hate” and “anti-Semitic”.  That the U.N. General Assembly established the Palestinian right to reutrn in resolution #194 in 1949 and reaffirmed it overwhelmingly, what, over 100 times since, doesn’t make an impact on this ADL man.  It’s still “hate”.

Later he says the ADL objects to university sponsorship of “anti-Israel” events.  Now, of course, the Right in every country uses that scam to rule out criticism, claiming its unpatriotic, its against the whole country.  Joe McCarthy thought he knew what was “un-American”.  Hitler’s boys knew what was “un-deutsch”.   How is BDS “anti-Israel” per se?  I heard Barghouti speak at Yale, saying that while he personally is for one state, the Palestinian BDS movement takes no such stand, but insists on human rights being observed whatever the number of states will be agreed to in the region.

Yet even if some movement is against a particular state does that make it “hateful” on its face?  What about those who wanted to break-up Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia?  Was their speech “racist hate” by definition?   Is the demand to reform or dismantle  the “Jewish state”, that is the Jewish superiority state of Israel, “hate” or merely a demand for commonly understood justice and equality?

Abe, methinks you wasted your money.

P.S. A few days later Ha’aretz recognized how Foxman and Co. lost out in an article here.

PPS  Here’s a link to an article written about ADL chief Foxman with many details about Foxman and about the digraceful record of the ADL in the ’30’s (before the Foxman era).


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