Droning On

8 Feb

CIA man Brennan and President Obama claim these assassinations by drone are all necessary because these are terrorists about to wreak havoc on the U.S.  (though this week we learned from a memo that all you need to be is a “senior operational” figure in the terrorist group to be a drone target).  Supposedly careful care is given whether to try an arrest.

But when have they ever tried to arrest someone rather than use drones? Is any amount or risk to U.S. forces enough reason to kill a man rather than arrest him?

Anyway why haven’t they demanded local authorities take action?  Take Yemem, an AMERICAN ALLY.  We send millions to their military.  Why don’t we tell them where these terrorists are hiding and have one of their “elite” paratroopers, Seals, Eagles or whatever swoop down and capture them?  How about requesting the same from Pakistan, another AMERICAN ALLY?  Ever hear of extradition treaties? international law?

We know the rationale.  “To get the job done we can only trust our own forces, not troops from the colonial (strike that), not troops from the local country.”  But check out this link to an article in Esquire.  John Brennan won’t even answer whether he thought the president could order a drone strike within the U.S.  So we can’t even trust U.S. SWAT teams?


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