Twisted Story on Iran

30 Aug

In a New York Times article today (August 30) claiming that President Morsi of Egypt is joining the consensus on bringing down the Syrian government “Egypt’s Morsi Pushes for End of Syrian Regime”  the writers Thomas Erdbring and Rick Gladstone take jabs at Iran.

They write “on Thursday Ayatollah Khamenei made clear that Iran would never compromise on the nuclear issue.”   Then in the very next sentence they quote the Ayatollah, “The Islamic Republic is not after nuclear weapons,” Ayatollah Khamenei said, “But we will never give up on our right to nuclear energy.”

Huh?  Isn’t that a very big compromise?  Maybe the IR is lying but it’s far different from acts carried out by Israeli regime which has in fact made hundreds of nuclear weapons.

Now, the NYT writers were calling for “compromise” (really submission) to five demands on Iran from the Security Council of the United Nations about nuclear issues.  Would it be cheeky to mention that this is the same body that committed genocide in Iraq over charges that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and was a “danger to the world”.  The sanctions were levied in 1990 and weren’t officially lifted until 2010.  As the Los Angeles Times noted that year Iraq is now allowed to develop weapons of mass destruction and create nuclear power.

Needless to say the U.N. Security Council never apologized for the million or so Iraqi deaths.  Kofi Anan who administered the genocide still is used by the Council most recently in Syria.  In a better world he would have been brought to the Hague to answer for his actions.

And while I ruminate I wonder whether the Iranian government ever regrets its silence about the sanctions on Iraq.  Certainly they had good reason to hate Saddam, but couldn’t they see where these U.N. sanctions were going.  As Pastor Niemoller said, “First they came after the communists, etc. etc”

And why do they pursue dangerous nuclear power?  Have they come up with the magic formula to handle nuclear waste?  If the Israelis bomb Bushehr and kill thousands  is the regime blameless for using such dangerous technology?  Iran as we know has enormous amounts of oil.  The usual excuse for developing nuclear power is that it doesn’t have enough refineries.  So?  Build refineries, or join the 21st century and build solar and wind.


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