Goldberg’s Demand That Obama Bow Before Israel

21 Aug

Ex-Israeli prison guard Jeffry Goldberg is now a power columnist for Bloomberg News with top access to Obama and Netanyahu.  He  has written a column telling President Obama to come to Israel to assure Israelis of U.S. support against Iran.  It’s not enough that Obama makes no rebuke as Netanyahu threatens immediate aggression.  Oh no.  He must do more!  Goldberg starts his piece with what he must think is a funny beginning: “It has been a tumultuous couple of weeks in the Iran-Israel War, and it hasn’t even started yet.”


I wrote this comment which 12 hours later has yet to be posted:

Goldberg has it wrong even in the first sentence.  Israel and the U.S. are already at war with Iran.  They are assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists, using computer “worms” to destroy equipment and helping dissident groups who carry out terrorist acts.  See the some of the effects on the population of sanctions right now in this article from The Guardian of the UK. 


Supposedly this is because Iran might be developing the “capability” to build nuclear weapons some day.  And Israel which has killed tens of thousands in aggressive wars gets a pass because they don’t have any nuclear bomb (wink, wink).


Is there no shame?  Wasn’t there a country called Iraq whose dictator was a “threat to the world” with his WMD.?   A million civilian dead later and…oops…no WMD.  Too bad. Faulty intelligence, but this time we got it right.


Just remember Iran is much bigger than Iraq and has not been yet starved by a decade of sanctions.  It also could shut down the Strait of Hormuz with a few missiles.  Yes, their dictators make ugly threats, but remember it’s Israel and the U.S. who constantly say that if they attack “nothing is off the table”.


Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are a threat to all humanity.  Use our power to make the whole Middle East nuclear free.



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