A Comment Posted to the Los Angeles Times about a Lebanese Newspaper

6 Jul

Who are these “critics” that you cite as saying the Lebanese paper Al-Akhbar is pro-Syrian [government]?  You only cite a writer for an Israeli newspaper, a country at war with Syria. Does he even read Arabic? The very fine writer Max Blumenthal quit al-Akhbar-English which is a separate group of writers.  I read al-Akhbar English frequently (you can find it here:  ) and see a wide range of opinions on it on Syria, certainly more than in theNew York or Los Angeles Times.  Read this piece from one of their regular columnists (American professor) As’asd AbuKhalil and see if it supports the Assad regime.

However, it is true that Al-Akbar English does not toe the imperial line that every Syrian fighting the regime is a heroic combination of Thomas Jefferson and Lawrence of Arabia.  It notices that Saudi Arabia and Qatar send money and guns to sectarian and extremist religious factions.  Evidently such facts are “pro-Syrian”.  The US alliance with extremists Muslims didn’t work out so well in Afghanistan, but this time around we’re assured it will be much better.  Give me a break.

I urge the Los Angeles Times give Max Blumenthal a column where he can write his views on Israelor will that be too “controversial”?


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