They Witnessed Mob Attack in Tel Aviv

25 May

Very good piece on 972mag site about the mob attacks on Sudanese migrants in Tel Aviv.  It was written by a Tel Aviv observer of the “demonstration” whose girlfriend was almost attack by the mob.

“The legend that African refugees turned the paradise that was south Tel Aviv into a terrorized crime zone has to be rejected with a terse “you gotta be shitting me.” Statistics proved time and time again the crime wave exists mostly in the minds of the politicians stroking the hatred, of which Ben Ari is an ambitious competitor. I lived in Hatikva for two years; I’ve seen the people, the despair, the fear at nights, the absence of infrastructure, the flooding every winter when the sewage system collapsed – with my own eyes. Spare me the bullshit about a quiet neighborhood of happy poor workers.”

What happened to the social movement that had hundreds of thousands in the Tel Aviv streets last summer?  None of its demands were met that I noticed.  If mistreated workers aren’t fighting their 1% they’re going to become fertile recruiting grounds for the Zionist-nazi-wanna-bees like Ben Ari.

The whiners and racists talk about the utter horror of people coming into Israelin defiance of “the law”.  How times change.   When I was growing up everyone read “Exodus” about the ships that brought Jewish refugees to Palestine.  In those day the lawbreakers were pictured as  brave, wonderful heroes.  Oh I forgot they’re weren’t black people.

Most of the refugees are from Eritrea and Sudan. Sudan, isn’t that the country of Darfur where we are told a genocide has taken place?  And Sudanese get no hearings at all on their claims for asylum in Israel, the only demoKKKracy in theMiddle East?  Our own State Department says “… Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers, which are about 85 percent of African migrants in Israel were not allowed access to asylum procedures’ “.   Israel gave asylum to exactly one person in all of 2011.

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